Passive V Active

There is about €30trillion in “funds” worldwide. About €6trillion of this is invested in passive funds with the remainder in active funds. What is the difference? Because there is more in active than passive, does it mean that active is better? Active management means you pay a fund manager, usually a bloke, to look at a stock market or sector …

Scams and what to look out for

Last week the central bank issued a warning in relation to a firm who had cloned the details of an authorised fund in Ireland and had used these details illegitimately. The company basically copied all the details of a legitimate regulated entity and used those details to present themselves as an authorised entity. They were trying to sell investment funds. …

Travel Insurance April 2016

Never have I researched a piece before where the words “caveat Emptor” have been so appropriate. With travel insurance the devil really is in the detail. The difficulty is the length of the detail, its often 15-20,000 words. Essentially Travel insurance is there to pay your costs if you get sick abroad or if your travel is disrupted due to …

Rent or Buy

There are currently 700,000 people renting in Ireland, with about 10,000 people per month extra being added to that figure. Some, or you might say all of these people may at some stage want to buy a home of their own. But why? And are they right to from a financial perspective. I am back and forth to Berlin a …

Why all this talk on Pensions?

At this time of year you get bombarded with advertisements on radio, TV and all the other types of media about pensions. Why is that? There are a couple of drivers behind this but mainly, there is a tax deadline looming. If you are registered with ROS (revenues online service) you have until November to pay and file your taxes …


EII or the Employment and Investment Incentive was originally the BES. You can get up to 40% tax relief on your investment.

Markets are about to fall apart.

Could markets drop by 15-20% in the next few months, probably? Should you change your portfolio, switch to cash or hold off investing for the moment, probably not.

IBA Life, Pension and Investment Awards 2015

We were delighted to be advised by the IBA (Irish Brokers Association) that we have been shortlisted in not just one but two categories for the upcoming LPI (Life, pension and investment awards)

Saving for a House

The Central bank have changed the rules now you need to change how you save for your deposit and if you are a parent you need to be clever.