Vodafone – Verizon Shares. What to do.

For the vast majority of the 400000 Irish people who own Vodafone shares it is likely that agreeing to the sale of horizon, opting to take all the monies as cash and going the income route is the most appropriate route to go.

Inheritance and Estate Planning

Passing your accumulated wealth to the next generation is something most people strive to do, however the views on whether the tax man should take a slice the children’s inheritance can differ from person to person. Estate planning is key element of a solid financial plan.

Tracker Rates – Dirty Tactics

I pushed a little further and quoted the central banks own website “ Do not worry about losing your tracker rate if you have one- lenders cannot remove your tracker just because you are in arrears.” To which I was told “that only relates to a person’s home.”

Best Doctors

My daughter has a rare metabolic disorder; we were offered the option of getting a second opinion from a peer appointed “best in their field” doctor.

Is Feidir Liom!

We are all very aware of the financial situation the country finds itself in. Never before have we been in such financial dire straits. We all went to the polls several weeks ago to try and elect a government we believed would be best positioned to bring us out of our difficulties. I believe, there is only one person in …

Pension Levy – a solution

My advice, if you’re going to get hit with the levy, make sure you are getting best value from your pension provider.