The Market Turmoil

Since the start of May we have seen some considerable falls on stock markets. In fact for a lot of them they are down about 10-15%. This might be scary, this might be the start of a double dip rescession or maybe it is just the start of a fantastic rally. For the short term investor I think it might …

HSE AVC Survey

email your responses to Do you make additional pension contributions other than what is automatically deducted from your wages? (i.e. are you buying notional service or paying AVC or PRSA contributions) If yes, who do you do it with? If no, is there any specific reason you don’t? (monetary restrictions, recent pay cuts, lack of understanding, availability of information) …

Investment Seminar ClareGalway Hotel

I have organized a seminar in the ClareGalway Hotel on Tuesday the 23rd of February commencing at 2pm sharp.


1. The Irish and the UK property market, where we are and where we are going. Austin Hughes. KBC Bank
2. The rest of the investment world where it is and where it is going. Paul Phelan Global Reach
3. Special Purpose vehicles, Unit Trusts, designing your own purpose built investments, some previous experiences.
5. Portfolio construction
6. Bringing it all together

Fundraising for Climb

On the 25th of April 2010, my buddy Ken O’Hara and I will run the Virgin London Marathon. This will be my 4th Marathon and Ken’s first. We are raising money for climb. This is a not for profit organisation based in the UK. The organisation is set up to support and provide information to people with or carers …


When they do sell property who do you think will buy it and who do you think will give them the loan to buy it, are we all going to be here again in 20 years time with Nama 2?

Easy Money – How the banks make money in the new world

How do banks work? The answer to this question might be changing. In very simple terms banks buy and sell money. They pay interest to customers who put money on deposit with them. They then use that money for several different things.   Mostly they use the money to lend it out to other customers. They charge these customers interest …

Bob Hope – The Power of One

Bob Hope.   It is now just over two years since the BNP Paribas stopped withdrawals from an investment vehicle that was invested in sub-prime mortgages, this spooked investors and the credit crisis unravelled. The depth of the difficulties were yet to come to light and over the past two years or so the limits of peoples worst expectations have …