Prosperous Personal Finance

Personal Financial Planning

  • When will you reach Financial Independence?
  • Will you be financially secure in retirement?
  • Are you confident you are maximising your money to its full potential and taking advantage of any tax breaks?
  • Are you sure you have enough saved to get the kids through college?
  • Is the money you have invested, invested correctly? Could it be invested in a better way? Is your pension?

These are just a few of the questions you should know the answers to, but our experience tells us otherwise.

When new clients, people like you, come to us first these questions are often the things they are not sure about. They want clarity on where they are going and want to make sure they are doing everything right today. They don’t want to find out in 20 years time they should have done it differently.

We deal with different people from different backgrounds. Typically our clients are business owners, senior executives or are in and around retirement age.

The clients who benefit most from our premium service offering would either have a minimum €250,000+ to invest between pensions and savings or have a combined household income of in excess of €150,000. The main exception to this rule is often people who own their own business.

However the team is about to expand! This means we will be able to offer an excellent service with the same values and beliefs to people who are on their way to getting to these levels. This means we will be able to help more people get their quicker.

Regardless of your own situation we always offer an initial 20 minutes phone call with Eoin McGee, so you have nothing to loose. You can have piece of mind that we will be of benefit before taking time out of your busy day to meet with us.
Make contact with Eoin, Grainne or Colleen and they will be happy to have a chat 045 854 716 or