Auto Enrolment – a good thing?

Auto Enrolment Video – What’s coming up on Lunchtime Live today with Ciara Kelly What is it? At the moment when you start a job that offers a pension scheme you have to fill out paperwork to join the scheme. Auto Enrolment means that when you join you will automatically join the pension scheme and if you don’t want to …

Should you buy AIB shares?

Is buying AIB shares a good or a bad idea? I have my thoughts on the topic here… go over and have a look.

Markets are about to fall apart.

Could markets drop by 15-20% in the next few months, probably? Should you change your portfolio, switch to cash or hold off investing for the moment, probably not.

REITS Real Estate Investment Trusts

You can own shares in companies that invest in Prime properties in Ireland through a REIT. Some REITS are expected to grow by 30% this year.

Ethical or Socially Responsible investing

What this means is they either seek out companies or countries that are having a positive impact on the environment, community or the world and its people or they avoid investments in anything they consider “bad” such as military, arms, tobacco etc

Invest in Russia?

Investors need to have a stomach for this though. For example one particular fund lost 70% in 2008. It did however make 130% in 2009, but this is the type of ride people need to be willing to take.