Auto Enrolment – a good thing?

Auto Enrolment Video – What’s coming up on Lunchtime Live today with Ciara Kelly What is it? At the moment when you start a job that offers a pension scheme you have to fill out paperwork to join the scheme. Auto Enrolment means that when you join you will automatically join the pension scheme and if you don’t want to …

Is the biggest Asset you have your parents cash?

The institute of fiscal studies in the UK (IFS) have published their findings into a study that is reported to have concluded that the rich are getting richer. The study finds that younger generations are much more likely to receive an inheritance than their predecessors.  Specifically the report found that people born in the 1970’s are twice as likely to …

Why all this talk on Pensions?

At this time of year you get bombarded with advertisements on radio, TV and all the other types of media about pensions. Why is that? There are a couple of drivers behind this but mainly, there is a tax deadline looming. If you are registered with ROS (revenues online service) you have until November to pay and file your taxes …

Reduce your tax bill

using pension to reduce your tax bill is still the best tax incentive there is.

Pension Levy – a solution

My advice, if you’re going to get hit with the levy, make sure you are getting best value from your pension provider.