If you were to get sick who would you want looking after you? The best in the world, of course.  But how do you know who is the best doctor for the type of cancer you have or harder still a rare disease.

When a Harvard professor got sick he set about getting advice from the best doctor. He surveyed doctors and asked them “if you or your family got sick who would you see with this condition?” Several years on Best Doctors has a panel of over 2500 doctors who are chosen by their peers to be the best in their field, when surveyed doctors can not choose a doctor from their own facilities.

Probably the easiest way to describe the service is through my own personal experience. My daughter has a rare metabolic disorder; we are extremely happy with the care she gets in Temple St but were offered the option of getting a second opinion from a peer appointed “best in their field” doctor.

The doctor who was to review my daughters file was based in the States. There was no cost to us and no need for us to travel. We completed several forms and returned the pack to our appointed case manager who took over from there. They organised for the files to be collected in Temple Street and sent to the States.

6 weeks later we got a very comprehensive report back on our daughter, I don’t see any purpose in going through the details of the report here but needless to say it was extremely useful but more than anything else,  as is the case in about 2/3rds of Best Doctors reviews, it confirmed the care my daughter was receiving was correct.

VHI did at one point offer this service however now the Best Doctors service is only available to people who have life cover, serious illness cover or income protection with Aviva.

When you consider the times you would use such a service you immediately think of the extreme cases like should I go through with the surgery for the cancer, or am I on the right medication. But an area I think people need to consider is the simpler things, for example every sportsperson who ever got injured badly could do with the best second opinion in the world.

My personal experience of this service was excellent and I would be happy to discuss it with anyone by phone or email so feel free to get in touch. eoin@festinosolutions.com or 087 6445533