Rent or Buy

There are currently 700,000 people renting in Ireland, with about [...]

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Markets are about to fall apart.

Could markets drop by 15-20% in the next few months, probably? Should you change your portfolio, switch to cash or hold off investing for the moment, probably not.

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Clean up your finances at year end

It’s Christmas time, which also means it is the end of the year so it is a great time to get stuck into our personal finances have a good rummage around and change things we need changed for the new year.

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Nursing Home Scheme

Nursing home costs can be expensive with the costs of some homes being in the thousands per week. This was something that was recognised by the state and in attempt to help people in this situation they introduced the “nursing homes support scheme” often referred to as the fair deal scheme.

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My kids will cost me how much!!!

Two weeks ago my fourth child was born, as any parent would you start to think about what lies ahead for the child. But as a financial planner I started to think how much is he going to cost me?

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Star Fund Managers

For me a star fund manager is somebody who consistently beats their benchmark market

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Film Finance – Section 481 investment

Film Finance or Section 481 investment is one of the last remaining all source income tax reliefs. The term "no brainer" comes to mind.

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Ethical or Socially Responsible investing

What this means is they either seek out companies or countries that are having a positive impact on the environment, community or the world and its people or they avoid investments in anything they consider “bad” such as military, arms, tobacco etc

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