Financial Review

Who should go through a financial review?

Everyone can benefit from some type of financial planning.

At Prosperous Financial Planning we can help you understand and control your personal finances in a more efficient manner. With a Financial Planning Review, we will help you look at where you stand at present financially and what you require for your future, both short term and long term.

The review will aim to achieve the following benefits for you.

  • Understand what you have
  • See what your current financial path looks like, based on where you are now
  • Plan to achieve your goals e.g. early retirement, children’s school / college fund, family holidays etc.
  • Maximize your investment returns
  • Spread your Risk
  • Plan your pensions
  • Plan for financial independence

We work in partnership with our clients to produce their best financial future. In order to get started, we ask all our clients to do a little bit of homework for us – we will send you out some questionnaires to get “the big picture” of your finances. We use this information to assess where you are now, where you’re going before any financial planning and then we start layering on our recommendations with a view to improving your financial future.

We have different levels of service, depending on our clients’ needs.

Prosperous Financial Private Clients

Typically, the clients who tend to get the most from this service have a household income of €150,000+ per annum and/or have €500,000+ of investable assets and/or they work for themselves. If you are not a high earner or you don’t have lots of investable assets, or you don’t work for yourself you might be better suited to our Premier service.  More information ››

Our Private Client process has 3 stages.

Stage 1
The discovery meeting is all about us getting to know you better, we will also look at the financial data you give us in advance of the meeting and tell you what your date of financial independence is if you keep doing what you are currently doing without any advice from us.
Financial independence is the day in your life that you have created enough wealth that you don’t have to worry about money and you don’t have to work again. Everybody has one, you might get there when you are 93 or you might get there when you are 43. We will tell you when yours is.
It is important to note that from stage 1 you will have “a nice chat” about your goals, values and objectives and you will also know what your date of financial independence is if you keep doing what you are doing.
The cost of stage 1 is €500 plus vat.

Stage 2
In stage 2 we will start to collate all the information we have about you financially and personally. With written permission from you, we will contact all the life companies, investment houses and pension providers and get details of your existing plans.
It is at this point we do all the financial planning, we work out the best use of your money to support the life you want to have.
When we have all the numbers crunched and work out what you need to do, we bring you back in to go through our findings and advise you what you need.
In stage two we will also talk to you about how to invest money, whether it is regular savings, a lump sum or your pension. Investing is simple and doing it right is quite boring. We have spent twenty years working out how to do it right and we will share this with you in an easy to understand way.

Stage 3
Finally, we document all this and give it to you in a written Financial Plan. You will get a chance to read the plan before coming back in to meet us. When you come back in, we will step you through the financial plan. To complete stages 2 and 3 costs a further €4500 plus VAT.
We will then also hold your hand and implement the recommendations if /where required. This means if you need to buy product, we will find product in the market that suits your needs.
Traditionally advisors would have a bag of product and they would come to see you and fit their product into your life. In Prosperous we do it the other way around, we do the planning first, see what you need and establish if you need anything at all. If you do, we go to the market to find the product that matches your needs.

Prosperous Premier clients

For those who don’t quite need a full financial plan yet, and who do not meet the guidelines for our Private Client service, you might be interested in our stepping-stone service called Prosperous Premier . The Premier service costs €1500 plus VAT. More information ››

The Premier service is for those who don’t need a full financial plan but who perhaps are interested in getting up and running with their pensions/investments/protection, or have a particular scenario they would like advice on – this might be keeping or selling a  rental property, for example. We will show you your current financial path plus we will give some guidance in getting you started with any products you wish to get underway. You will be asked for all your financial data, which we will take as given, you will meet with one of our financial planners for an hour and you will have access to the support team here in the office for implementation of any products you choose to go with. seminars

If the above services doesn’t sound like it is what you are looking for then you may find an event more beneficial. In this, Eoin spends two hours teaching groups of people how to be better with their money, covering everything from spending, savings, pensions and managing your debt. For more information, please contact or see for the next event.