I have organized a seminar in the ClareGalway Hotel on Tuesday the 23rd of February commencing at 2pm sharp.


1. The Irish and the UK property market, where we are and where we are going. Austin Hughes. KBC Bank
2. The rest of the investment world where it is and where it is going. Paul Phelan Global Reach
3. Special Purpose vehicles, Unit Trusts, designing your own purpose built investments, some previous experiences.
5. Portfolio construction
6. Bringing it all together

Confirmed speakers are:

• Eanna McCloskey, director, Wealth Options,
• Paul Phelan, director, Global Reach Asset Management.
• Austin Hughes, Chief Economist, KBC bank.
• Eoin McGee, Principal, Prosperous Financial Services

If you are interested in coming attendance is by invite only please contact me 08766445533 or eoin@festinosolutions.com