I know it is not quite the end of the year yet (24 hours to go) but I decided to take a quick look at how the Irish retail fund industry performed. This analysis is based on 606 funds in the Irish Insurance (Gross) sector from various companies all of which are listed below. All data provided by Financial Express.

1. Best Performing Sector 1 yr
Irish Equities

2. Best Performing Fund 1 yr
Bank of Ireland/New Ireland Geared Irish Equity Fund (76.53%)

3. Worst Performing Fund 1yr
Aviva’s Blackrock Gold Fund (-50.03%)

4. Funds that made money 1 yr
510 out of 606 provided a + return

5. Funds that provided 8%+ 1 yr
351 out of 606 funds provide a return greater than 8%

6. Best Performing Fund (Managed Aggressive sector) 1 yr
Standard Life Moneyworks 21.49%

7. Best Performing Fund (Managed Balanced Sector) 1 yr
Irish Life High Income Fund 20.71%

8. Best Performing Fund (Managed cautious sector) 1 yr
Phoenix Solexis Managed 10.56% (this is closed to new business)
Irish Life Consensus Fund 9.01%

9. Best Performing Property Fund 1 yr
Friends First Corinthian Property Fund 39.13%

10. Best Performing Fund over the last 5 years
Standard Life Synergy UK Smaller Companies 279.06%

I will review each of the categories in more detail over the coming weeks and get behind the numbers.

Data Provided by financial express and is an analysis of 606 funds listed in the Irish Insurance Gross Sector the funds are provided by:
• Acorn Life
• Aviva
• Ark Life
• Axa Financial
• Bank of Ireland Asset Mng
• BOI Life Smart
• Davy asset Mng
• Canada Life Irish
• F&C Ireland
• Friends First (Ireland)
• Invesco
• Irish Life
• Liberty
• New Ireland
• Phoenix
• Royal Liver
• SEB Life international
• SSgA Ireland Unit Trust Mgt Ltd
• Standard Life
• State St Global Advisors
• Summit Asset Mngs
• Zurich Life Assurance