The fund management industry isn’t really filled with celebrities but star fund managers are the closest we get to it! Some clever marketing can create a persona around an individual that attracts investor funds but there are very few real star fund managers out their.

For me a star fund manager is somebody who consistently beats their benchmark market and not just in times when their particular investment style is in favour but over the long term. Every fund manager will have a bad year so reviewing periods of ten years or more gives you a better reflection of true performance rather than luck or style returns.

In my interview with Ian Guider on newstalk I discuss some of the best in the business including Warren Buffet, Neil Woodford and the my personal favourite Anthony Bolton.

Anthony Bolton managed to do twice the market performance over a 10 year period just before he left his Special Situations fund back in the mid noughties.

You might find it difficult to pick out a manager but will some skilled analysis you certainly can break down the field to some good potential future star fund manager candidates.

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You can hear the interview by clicking this link; just skip forward to just after 10 minutes.