The Prosperous Service

We strive to provide the best possible service for clients by planning for a better financial future.

Our core values are:

  • We always put the client first.
  • We believe we have no right to tell you what you should do with your money without getting to know you first.
  • We will not take on a client unless we can clearly see for ourselves that we will be adding value after our fees are taken into account.
  • We do not sell product you don’t need. If you need something, we will review the market and help you buy it.”

The service offered to clients typically contains two key elements – a personal planning and mentoring service and a comprehensive Financial Plan, in writing.

Understanding your needs

We take a holistic approach when it comes to finance, and believe it is immensely misguided to advise anyone on any specific element of their financial lives without knowing the full picture. A study carried out in 2015 showed that only 29% of the Irish population knew how much they needed to live on in retirement. Many of our clients note that participating in our process provided them with the clarity they needed to really plan for their future.

With an ever-growing life expectancy, planning for retirement is essential. Your ‘financial independence date’ or retirement age is an anchor point for your financial plan. It provides a foothold from which your plan can cultivate, giving not only guidance to your investments but also a timeline structure overall. We will review your situation and decipher your unique needs, from here we will recommend the most suitable products for those needs if required.

We aim to create a sustainable plan which not only encompasses your savings, investment, protection and pension needs but also your dreams, goals and values. This plan will help you to get the most out of your money.

Most people have financial concerns, yet less than 30% of the population engages with a financial planner. Statistically those who engage with a planner have 2.5 times the wealth of those who do not by the time they reach retirement.

Studies also show that the guidance of a financial planner leads to a greater value saved each year towards your retirement, even considering the cost of a planning fee this generally results in approximately a 29% increase in retirement income wealth.

We believe that your finances should work for you, not the other way around. We are here to guide you so that you can make your finances work towards creating the best possible future for you.

Support you can count on

Engaging with us will mean that you have a guide and a partner throughout your financial plan. We all know in life nothing stays the same, so as such we meet our clients regularly. This ensures that your road to a better financial future remains on track. At Prosperous our clients know we have their best interests at heart, always!

Should you choose to engage with Prosperous Financial Planning you can rest assured knowing that the firm will treat your finances with as much care as we do our own because we understand the importance of your aspirations for your family’s future.
We will guide you through this process with complete honesty and will always tell you the truth, whether or not it is what you want to hear. We will throw you in the deep end, encourage you to dig deep to tell us what is essential to you so that we can be sure that at the end of our process you will have a plan completely unique to you, one which will give you the best chance at achieving your goals.

Who are our clients?

Typically our Private Clients are households with earnings in excess of €150,000 per annum or investable assets of in excess of €500,000. These people are often senior executives, people who are recently retired or approaching retirement or people who are independently wealthy. In addition to this, we deal with people who own their own business. We also have a more simplified planning option called our Premier service. For more details, please see our Financial Review page.

If this does not sound like you, you may benefit from the expertise in Prosperous via the personal finance and investing courses offered through please contact for more information.